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About E-Estate

E-Estate has been operating in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan since April 2001.  It is owned and Managed by Edith J. Tibay.  Prior to the formation of E-Estate, Editha was involved in Real-Estate in Palawan for 3 years, and is acknowledged as a leading Real-Estate professional in the province for 8 years by God's Mercy.

E-Estate offers a personal but very comprehensive service, whether you are selling or buying a property in Palawan.  Extensive contacts in the province, especially in Puerto Princesa City and adjacent municipalities, help to ensure that whatever type of property you are searching for, there is a good chance it will be obtainable through E-Estate.

Whether you are a Filipino or foreigner, you will receive the same honest and sympathetic service from E-Estate .  If you are unfamiliar with Philippine Real Estate laws and practices, E-Estate will help to guide you alongside your chosen lawyer.

We cannot always promise to find your perfect property, but we can assure you of our best service at all times and do everything we can to satisfy your Real Estate needs.  We deal directly with owners properties, making the process of buying simpler than can be the case in the Philippines.

Official Data About E-Estate

President - Ms. Editha Tibay-Stevens who has the following credentials:

  • Real Estate Dealer directly engaged as principal in the business of buying, selling and/or exchanging real estate on a full-time basis.


  • CC1200510066936 Issued on April 28, 2006

  • NBI Certification No. 2695205 

  • DTI Registration as real estate salesman: License No.IV-08-023-007-04 RES & Registration No.IV-08-05-2004

  • SEC Company Registration No. CS200512474

  • DTI Registration of Business Name: E-Estate Ticketing Services P-IV-2002-No 048316

  • Mayor's Permit No  004434-0 as Real Estate Broker

  • BIR Certificate No.OCN-2005-036-00202 Non-VAT

  • TIN 919-623-374 Non-Vat

Palawan has many areas suitable for agricultural farm developments. Some agricultural land has sea frontage, even beach, so can provide idyllic homes plus commercial income. Some properties are suitable for fish enterprises, such as fish farming, or pearl culture, and rice fields are sometimes for sale. You may want a business in Palawan and need a commercial lot or building? Such properties are often available, especially in Puerto Princesa. You can take advantage of the good business and investment opportunities available.

Perhaps your ideal real estate tropical paradise is your own island? There are probably not many places left in South East Asia where you can buy a beautiful island at a good price. View the islands for sale and see for yourself! When it comes to real estate, Palawan still provides an opportunity for a good long term investment.

If you need any help in finding your ideal property, please contact us. We will do our best to help you with our friendly and co-operative service.