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Rolling ocean with serene beach

BL162 - 29,700 sqm Apurawan, Aborlan, Palawan

OVERVIEW - The property has a total of 213.13 meters beachfront with golden brownish color of sand. The property is entirely flat and planted with sweet tasting mid growth coconuts. It is a most desirable place for retirement and vacation developments. Located in the west coast of Palawan where you can see the beautiful sunset.

TRAVELING - The property can be travel by Car for 1 ½ hour from Puerto Princesa City direct to Apurawan, Aborlan. It has good condition on the National Highway, but going to property itself is fairly rough road but always passable by vehicles.

FACILITIES - At present the electricity line is not yet available, there using generator. Water pump is the main source of water. Both Smart and Globe cellular phones are useable on this property.

POTENTIALS - The property is really good for vacation houses for its fresh and peaceful surroundings. In which, it would suit for those who are looking to build a quite home by the sea. There is also a Developed Resort nearby.