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White Point Island for private haven

IL005 - 30,000 sqm Liminangcong, Taytay, Palawan

OVERVIEW - This idealistic little island has its own Islet and is an excellent entry level Island perfect for a private haven. It is located near to the town of popular El Nido for a low and affordable price. It has also lots of wonderful views, this makes the area a wonderful place to quickly escape the city bustle, and retreat to a peaceful haven in one of the most impressive parts of Palawan.

TRAVELING - The property is only 45 minutes away from the El Nido’s airport. El Nido has regular flights to Manila just one hour and a half away. The island is positioned only 60 meters from the mainland and 30 meters from the Islet.

FACILITIES - If you require peace and solitude, this will suits your needs, but if you switch on your cellular phone you will be able to get a signal. Water can also be obtained by a deep well.

POTENTIALS - This island is ideal for those wanting an isolated holiday or retirement home, surrounded by sea. It also has the potential to be developed as a small eco-tourist resort.