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Reasons for Investing in Palawan

Many people have invested and want to invest in Palawan’s Future simply because they love the place and see its enormous potential.  But there are also other practical reasons for investing in this beautiful province:

Palawan has a stable peace and order situation with comparatively low crime rate.  This contributes greatly to the serene and simple lifestyle in a rustic and well protected setting. 

Although Palawan has a relatively small population, of less than a million in 2000, it is a population that has a grown rapidly in the last 20 years, and is expected to continue to do so.  Recent years have shown economic and agricultural business growth of about 20% per annum.  This has been stimulated by an influx of tourists, investors and entrepreneurs and has resulted also in considerable increases in product exports. Facilities are good and improving all the time, and there are about 30 financing institutions in the province, predominantly in Puerto Princesa City Proper, where there are many Automated Teller (Cash) Machines.

Palawan is fortunate to have political and business leaders who are development oriented.  Local executives and business leaders through the province have, through Development Councils, laid down the foundations for investment promotion by:

  • Setting up Investors Business Assistance Center and establishment of the Provincial Economic Enterprise Development Office.
  • Upgrading of infrastructure for the International seaport and airport development
  • Innovative and self-reliant local governance providing stimulus for private sector involvement in the pursuit of Developmental goals and visions.