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A notable lot in the shopping district

RL066 - 500 sqm San Jose, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

OVERVIEW - This notable property's location has great residential potential. It is nestled around a cluster of newly constructed one to three story residential houses. The property is also surrounded on all sides buy current developments like; Fulbright College, Robinsons Palawan Mall, Petron Station, Palawan 168 Shopping Center, San Jose Public Market and restaurants. Puerto Princesa City is just now beginning to emerge as a modern destination for Filipinos looking to relocate and foreigners to invest and retire.

TRAVELING - The property is located 5-10 minutes from the international airport of Puerto Princesa City. Road access is along a concrete road that leads to Microtel Resorts and beaches.

FACILITIES - This residential property is has access to electricity and good cell phone coverage including internet. All other municipal utilities are available.

POTENTIALS - This highly notable property is a great location for a two or three story residential house. It is in the center of many shopping centers and restaurants and has good road access. access to this property it is a good choice for the investor and/or developer.